Auto resume for interrupted Job

Total Copier software allows you to resume an incomplete task without pressing any key or any operation on the device.

It is an automatic process that helps an interrupted job to resume from where it stopped.

This advanced feature relieves the user of the stress of starting the work all over again.

The beauty about Total Copier is that it records completed and uncompleted files, and if your computer crashes or lights go off, the operation is saved, and it will resume without interruptions.


This is a unique feature only on Total Copier. Using this feature, you can work on nine different clipboard at the same time this is what is called true multitasking.

Add To Pending List

Add to pending list is another additional feature that helps you move a job or add a running job to a pending list and that is not the best part, you can also resume it any time you want to.

Generating List Of All Files

With this function, you can manage files for given jobs in different ways.

  • You can move the files up and down.
  • Search for file names.
  • Add desired files.
  • Remove desired files.

You will also get additional information on the files like the modification date, file size, and the source path.

Run Time Add New Job To Any Thread

Total Copier also empowers us to continuously add jobs on top of existing jobs.

This feature makes it possible for users to add not just files, but folders to your current thread.

Nano Window

With a sleek widget called Nano window, you are provided with a simple user interface that shows useful information about ongoing jobs.

Easy User Interface

Total Copier has a very simple and easy to navigate user interface design. A new user can easily understand the processes and the features that the software provides.

On the interface panel, all the basic information about the current job is available.

Keeps Record Of All Jobs

Total Copier has a unique window that stores all the jobs that the software is undertaking, and the status of each job to make it easy for you to manage.

Power Management After Complete All Job

You don’t have to go far to control your computer's power options like Hibernate, Shutdown or Sleep; Total Copier provides these options..

Once you select a power option, that power option will automatically be triggered once all the jobs are done. When you use this feature, you can schedule tasks while you go to attend to other duties.

Speed Management With Custom Buffer

Total Copier has custom buffer size to manage your copy speed, with the help of custom buffer you can easily control transfer speed of your job.

System Tray

Total Copier is enabled in System tray with the help of a tray icon to easily handle all controls of the application.

Notify After Complete

After completion of each job, Total Copier will notify you with a pop up balloon message.

Advanced Files Collision Management With Custom Rename Rules

Total Copier has a new interface for file collision so that you can easily manage file collision.

Total copier checks whether a file already exists before starting a job, once a collision action is selected for your jobs, it will apply for complete operation.

Power Saving

If you are using your desktop computer only for file transfer, always turn the screen off to save on energy when you are not using it.

In case you want to check the file transfer progress, just move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard.

In laptops, this is not the case and that is why we came up with this feature in Total Copier software.

You are now able to turn off your screen while doing file transfer on your laptop.

Advanced Error Log

The Advanced Error Log is the place where something that goes wrong is displayed for the user to see the details about the cause of the error.

You can export it to a text file to get a detailed report.